Dipan Patel, Presentation Coach, Trainer

When you need expert advice or coaching on how to become an effective presenter, you will find support and success by calling Dipan Patel.

Coaching is something Dipan has been doing since a young age of 16. Dipan began coaching his fellow school class mates in a multitude of subjects. It was something that came naturally to him and he grew a passion for wanting and seeing others succeed.

After finishing school with the Dux award, Dipan went on to achieve Commerce and Science degrees with Honours from the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, and throughout his higher education studies continued tutoring and coaching other students to excel in their goals.

Having worked for many large organisations, Dipan has gained a multitude of experience as a business consultant, project manager, team leader, and experienced presenter in his chosen fields. Dealing with people from all walks of life Dipan became passionate about mastering his own presenting skills because he was confident that with this one skill he would be able to continue advancing his career and become a role model leader for others to follow.

Dipan has over 15 years of experience working in corporate organisations, presenting in front of small and large audiences, and has managed and coached over 100 people in personal career development. Inspired through the success of himself and those he has coached, Dipan went on to create industry leading programs to help as many people as he can to also excel at presenting.

The Million Dollar Presenter site has been created to offer people from anywhere in the world, an opportunity to connect with Dipan and explore various webinars, articles, products, and coaching services. These resources are being made available to help anyone become a better presenter, and achieve their personal or professional development goals.

Dipan believes that ANYONE can leverage the power of effective presenting to achieve extraordinary results in their career and in their personal life.

Explore this site and feel free to contact Dipan Patel with any enquiries you have.

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