25 Words to Power Up Your Speech

words, presenting, speech, presentationsTwo accountants went to a bar together. There was one other person at the bar, engaged in conversation with the bar-tender. “It’s just too complicated…so many questions, fields, and I just don’t have the money or time to figure it all out”. And with that, some pages of a book she was holding went flying in the air, landing at the feet of the two new bar patrons.

Allow me, said the first accountant, picking up a few pages. As he handed the pages back he quickly saw that they were pages from a tax return. “This looks hard but I am good at this stuff. Pay me a little and I will determine how much of a tax refund there is”. “Thanks, but no thanks” was the woman’s response.

Allow me, said the second accountant, picking up the rest of the pages. “You deserve something to make this easy. Can I help you with a guarantee to save you money or else your tax return is free?” “Really? You can do that?” was the woman’s response.

And so the second accountant succeeded where the first accountant failed, despite them being equally proficient at getting the same result.

So which one are you? The first, or the second accountant?

The difference lies in how you express yourself – the words you choose, the way you say it, and the language of your body as you say it. In this post I share 40 words that have proven to change good speeches to great speeches, simply because the choice of these words have a unique ability to trigger emotional responses in those for which the message is intended. If your presentation goal is to persuade or motivate your audience, these words are an essential source for reviewing your speech with.

You Money Trust Vital Right
Guarantee Love Benefit Effortless Truth
Save Proven Gain Satisfy Value
Discover Free Improve Easy Results
New Imagine Deserve Health Safe


Where can you insert a few of these to power up your next speech from good to great?

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